Our Team

We are building a team of great individuals to realise our vision

What is our vision

Okestra is all about process improvement and automation. We believe every company is living breathing machine, filled with complex people and processes. Yet there is really very little oversight or control on within such a complex beast. There’s plenty of manual paper and lots of emails back and fourth, creating a big ball of spaghetti mess.

Okestra aims to change all that. We are creating a new generation of companies that run efficienty and with peak performance. Like a car, being fine tuned for a race, where every torque is sqeezed. Every revolution is measured, every turn around the bend calculated, aerodynamics streamlined. This is what Okestra does for companies. This is our vision.

Who we are. The people behind Okestra

Okestra was created by three guys, Ming Wilson and James who decided that enough was enough. They had seen their fair share of bull**** jobs over the past decade and wanted to do something about it. Tons of processes and mundane work were being done in companies by people who had the brain but unfortunately we not given the opportunity to do so. This was due really to lack of oversight and monitoring from the leadership. They had no way to knowing work being done throughout the organisation. Thus, Okestra was born.

Kee Ming Yu

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Ming currently heads product development at Okestra, a workflow automation software where he aims to help businesses be more efficient and agile in their processes. He has a background spanning many industries, from banking at OCBC to marketing at Samsung to technology consulting and logistics. A self-taught coder, Ming has a passion for technology and believe the future of humanity is technological innovation.

James Tan

Co-Founder & Tech Lead

James brings balance between technology and business expectationsin a holistic approach. Has 18 years experience in developing CRM, ERP, MLM and AI platforms. Also co-founded Nurture.ai and Wheelspine.


Co-Founder & Operations Lead

Wilson leads strategy, finance and operations at Okestra, building the company from the
ground up to scale. Has a career spanning 8 years in strategy and operations focusing on technology in both public and private sectors in Malaysia.