Modern workflow management tool

Giving companies oversight into their daily processes

Okestra monitors key workflows in your company, tracks bottlenecks, and detects process issues ahead of time.

Eliminate back and forth emails. Use an Okestra workflow chart instead for a real-time progress overview, and nudge anyone who is not pulling their weight.

The Premise

Great companies are made up of people and process. These processes are optimized, well-designed and automated.

The Problem

Most companies today either do not know their processes, or leave them in an outdated and unused PDF manual. Some companies have processes in place but are unable to track or monitor them (no oversight).

Build workflows in minutes

Using a simple drag and drop flowchart interface, anyone can build out their standard operating procedures of the company. Okestra reads these charts and notifies everyone in the workflow. Keep track of any overdue tasks and monitor bottlenecks in the process.

Grow with Okestra

Workflows in the cloud

Say goodbye to all those pdf and paper charts sitting in those cupboards gathering dust. Move all your workflows online

Eliminate email clutter

Assign and respond to tasks at the click of a button, instead of sending endless emails everyday.

Do work that matters

No more spending time figuring out what is the company process. Focus on tasks that matter and deliver results.

Okestra transforms companies that want to:

  • Continuously improve their efficiency and perform at optimal levels

  • Have continuous oversight of all their processes

  • Increase their bottom line and efficiency

Transform my company

Okestra is perfect companies that:

  • Are process oriented

  • Have repetitive tasks that need to be done constantly

  • Are deadline focused

  • Are dependent on internal collaboration among multiple stakeholders

Optimise my company

Key Features of Orkestra

How does Okestra help companies improve their business?

Monitor your key processes

A company can have hundreds of processes running at once

Get a high level overview of your company processes that are running at any one time by monitoring pending, completed and overdue tasks. Easily check on overdue tasks and highlight any bottlenecks.

View all tasks in a single dashboard

Never miss another deadline or task again

View your tasks and a list of todos in a single dashboard view.
Keep track of each pending task and their due dates.
Sort tasks by due dates, projects or assignor.